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All queries are dealt with here. Browse the most practical and useful garage door repair FAQs.

What tools will I need for repairs?

The truth is that different garage door parts may need different tools for repairs but you shouldn't mess with all parts either. The tools you keep in the house like a screwdriver would be sufficient for a regular inspection and some garage door repairs. Don't forget that damaged garage door tracks, for example, are not fixed by banging with a hammer but you would need some gloves and something to cover your face.

Is the weight of my new garage door important to the other parts?

It would play a tremendous role to the efficiency of the other garage door parts and especially the ones, which deliver force according to their capabilities. For example, if you had aluminum overhead doors and you bought wooden ones, you may need to switch from extension springs to torsion spring or combine them both. You will also need a more powerful opener since it must have enough horsepower to activate movement.

Is garage door opener installation safe to DIY?

Getting on a do-it-yourself project is quite popular among homeowners who are keen about savings. Installing a garage door opener can be done without professional training given that you have the basic tools and knowledge with the proper guidance from a user’s manual, says a garage door expert in Tustin.

How do I get rid of the noise the garage door is making every time I open/close it?

Most garage doors have many metallic mechanical parts that grind against each other. When these are not aligned or are not properly lubricated, they may cause unwanted noise that could otherwise be avoided. Check the alignment of your tracks since misaligned tracks may cause rollers to squeak or may cause the door to bump along as it goes up. Also, invest in lubrication. You can use a specially made garage door lubricant or the white lithium grease variety.

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