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How To Replace A Glass Garage Door

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Is your project lacking adequate light that will support your activities? Here is the information that you have been looking for. so as to learn how you can replace a garage door window so as to allow more light in your project. However, it is advisable for you to call professional garage door qualified technicians found in Tustin, CA once in a while so as to ensure that your garage window is maintained properly.

Tips on how to replace a glass door garage

1.      The first point that you should ensure is disconnection of the opener and any power supply to your door.

2.      Remove any chips from the window and all screws that might still be present.

3.      Ask your assistant to hold the window frame for you from the outside. Loosely fix the window from inside by screwing the adjustment corners. Adjust the frame by ensuring that the movable parts are freely moving without much effort.

4.      After the frame is firmly fixed, you can now put the glass on the frame. Place the fasteners on the glass edges so as to ensure that the glass is firmly fixed on the flame.

5.      Place the hinges and openers on their rightful position. Tighten them firmly so as to any possible noise is prevented. Also, lubricant maintenance should be done at this stage so as to ensure that friction is reduced.

6.      Plug the garage power back and all cables

7.      The final step involves testing if the entire work is in good shape. This can be done by moving the window manually as well as using the power system.


However, if the replacement activity involves the entire project a qualified contractor is more preferred. It is also important for you to own a private garage door DIY kit so as to ensure that such small problems in your garage are solved casually. There are various garage door reviews which guides you on how to do the installation on your own. You should also own one that guides you on how to maintain, install and replace all parts of the garage door.

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