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Why Small Kids Do Not Belong In the Garage

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Feeling safe is essential and security matters are one of the biggest problems in contemporary societies but exaggerations and hysteria never help! Good and effective solutions require tranquility and clear minds. They require good understanding of the situation and comprehension that children require the most attention. Grownups have already developed the sense of danger and know well what they are dealing with when they press their garage opener remote. On the other hand, kids are wild, naughty, curious, and cannot be disciplined easily and, anyhow, these are the exact reasons they need constant parental supervision.

Curiosity killed the cat

    Curiosity is a good thing since most of the times it intrigues people to enhance their knowledge and broaden their education but, sometimes, it can be the reason for bad repercussions. Kids are usual garage door victims and most injuries involve their curiosity to touch garage door parts.
    Garage doors do not collapse easily but you must not take your chances. In other words, don't leave the kids playing under the open panel and you must follow your own rules to make the ideal example in their eyes.
    Kids are trying to find an excuse for more games and the moving door in combination with the extraordinary powers of the remote controls will take the form of the best toy.

Protect your little ones

The best method to protect them is keeping them away from the garage. The second best option is teaching them the dangers of the mechanism. In both cases, you need to keep the mechanism well-maintained and never forget to do the required garage door repair of a damaged part. At the same time, you must keep the garage clean from sharp tools, the car keys locked, the garage door clicker hidden and the door in between the garage and the house closed.

Pretend play

The parents are usually the idols of sons and daughters, whom during their young age love imitating the grownup world and, thus, pretend play is everyone's favour. If they are going to imitate your moves, pretend play yourself. The best way to teach them how to behave in the garage is by acting out all movements. So, don't stand under the door or play with the remote showing them that you obey to your own rules and that's the way it should be.

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